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Meet Robert Sheppard

Robert Sheppard is the owner and lead instructor of Precision Applications, LLC. He is a former United States Marine Corps Scout and Sniper and has more than 20 years of military and law enforcement experience. In addition to this training, he also served tours as a small arms instructor, Marine Security Guard, and Range NCOIC of the Stone Bay Pistol Range, which is the largest range of Camp Lejeune, NC. Robert was a Jungle Patrol Leader for the Marine Barracks, Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines, and shot competitively for the Second Battalion Eighth Marines rifle and pistol team.

Additionally, Robert trained with several American and foreign military units, such as the Marine Force Recon, US Navy SEAL, and British Royal Marines. After leaving the Corps with an honorable discharge, he began to immerse himself in firearms and tactics training.

Additional Background Information

For several years, Robert was a patrol officer and lead SWAT sniper for a major metro Atlanta police department. While there, he earned instructor certifications in police counter sniper, tactical rifle, pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and many other subjects. He was also a field training officer tasked with teaching beginning officers how to “be a cop.”

Robert has participated in hundreds of SWAT team entries and related activities in Georgia. He’s been awarded and nominated for several honors, including the Meritorious Service Medal.

Present Life

Currently, Robert is a “rangemaster” and firearms and tactics instructor with the Department of Homeland Security, where he holds instructor certifications in a variety of subjects. He is also an active competitor in IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Precision Rifle, and 3-Gun competitions.

Meet Jeff Edwards

For more than 20 years, Jeff has been in law enforcement. He retired from Louisiana’s St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office in 2002 as a training instructor and SWAT team leader. He was also employed with the Department of Homeland Security, where he served since March 2002. Jeff has held many other positions, such as being a team leader for the sheriff’s SWAT team.

Moreover, he has extensive training with handguns, shotguns, and tactical rifles. As a result, he’s educated personnel from specialized military units and numerous local, state, and federal agencies.

Current Life

Currently, Jeff is employed by the US government, where he’s certified as a federal firearm and defensive measures instructor, as well as a lead instructor in tactics. He has recently become a certified personal trainer with the International Fitness Association™ and a Law Enforcement Fitness Coordinator through the Cooper Institute™. Jeff’s physical fitness training consists of weightlifting, cross-fit exercising, and martial arts (Muay Thai).

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